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I/we acknowledge and agree that by signing a copy of this Consent I/we am authorizing ALEXANDER AUTO («Dealer»), DealerTrack Canada, Inc. (“DealerTrack”) and each financial institution or other lender that provides financial services in connection with the products or services I/we have requested (the “Requested Products”) from Dealer and to whom Dealer provides my/our personal information (each such financial institution or service provider being referred to herein as a “Financial Institution”) to collect, hold, use, communicate and disclose personal information about me/us, including my/our Social Insurance Number (SIN) if I/we provide it, in accordance with the terms of this Consent.

I/we authorize Alexander Auto to collect, hold, use, communicate and disclose my/our personal information to Financial Institutions in order that:

1. each Financial Institution may evaluate my/our application for the financing or lease of the Requested Products; and 2. each Financial Institution with whom I/we enter into a contract for the financing or lease of the Requested Products and each financial institution who funds or takes an assignment of such a contract (each a “Contracting Financial Institution”) may: (a) during the term of such contract monitor, record and determine my/our compliance with my/our obligations under the contract; (b) answer any questions that I/we might have with respect to any document that I/we might have signed and the file being maintained by a Contracting Financial Institution; and (c) record, manage, evaluate and collect, if applicable, any amount owing by me/us to the Contracting Financial Institution;

(collectively, the “Purposes”).

I/we understand that my/our rights with respect to my/our personal information held by Dealer, DealerTrack and the Financial Institutions are as set out in each of their respective privacy policies and include my/our right to: (1) obtain, subject to limited and specific exceptions, access to my/our personal information in my/our file; (2) rectify any inaccurate, incomplete, or out-of-date personal information in my/our file; and (3) obtain contact information from DealerTrack for Dealer and each Financial Institution. I/we understand that to exercise these rights I/we should send a written request for access, rectification or contact information to DealerTrack' Personal Information Department.

I/we authorize Dealer, DealerTrack and the Financial Institutions to collect any necessary personal information about me/us to fulfill the Purposes from third persons, including credit reporting and collection agencies, financial institutions, my/our past and present employers, creditors and tenants, my/our spouse or any other person who has information about me/us or relevant to the Purposes. I/we specifically consent to the release and disclosure of personal information by such persons to Dealer, DealerTrack and the Financial Institutions.

I/we authorize Contracting Financial Institutions to disclose my/our personal information to their affiliates, assigns and prospective assigns, to their funders and prospective funders, to other third parties working for or on behalf of the Contracting Financial Institutions for the development and implementation of customer programs, to credit reporting and collection agencies, to my/our creditors, to persons to whom I/we have applied for credit, to successors, assigns and agents of such third parties, and to any other person to whom the Contracting Financial Institution considers it reasonably necessary to further my/our interests or to fulfill the Purposes.

I/we authorize Contracting Financial Institutions to collect, hold, use, communicate and disclose my/our personal information to, in addition to fulfilling the Purposes, promote products or services to me/us. I/we understand that I/we may at any time advise such a Contracting Financial Institution to stop using my/our personal information for promotional purposes and that the method for so advising the Contracting Financial Institution will be set out in such Contracting Financial Institution’s privacy and use of personal information policies that will be provided to me/us before my/our personal information is used for promotional purposes.

I/we have read this Consent. I/we understand the significance of consenting to the collection, holding, use, communication and disclosure of my/our personal information. I/we acknowledge that I/we have given my/our informed consent freely and voluntarily and that my/our consent will be valid and irrevocable for so long as it is needed in order to achieve the Purposes provided that I/we may revoke my/our consent for promotional purposes in accordance with the privacy policies of the Contracting Financial Institution.

I/we acknowledge that a photocopy or facsimile of this Consent will be as valid as the original.

I/we also declare and warrant that the information that I/we have provided to Dealer, and which may in turn be provided to Financial Institutions is true, accurate and complete as of the time of provision and that all my/our indebtedness is as provided.

I/we declare that I/we have requested that this Consent be drafted in the English language. Je/nous déclare/ons avoir exigé que ce consentement soit rédigé et complété en langue anglaise.

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